Witley Pantomime Closure

It is with great regret that  The Witley Pantomime company has had to close after 63 years of productions. The equipment and costumes have all found new homes in other groups and will be loved for many years to come. Ash parish hall have taken our stage drops, curtains, and sides and any of you will recognise them if you visit their pantomime this year.

To all the cast and crew we wish the the very best for the future and thank you for your service. You have been truly inspirational in many local peoples lives, and the company will be talked about for many years to come because of your talent and effort.

It has not been an easy decision to make and has not been taken lightly. With increasing costs and dwindling numbers it would have been impossible to put on another production in a way that we would have liked.

The web pages and facebook page will remain live for the foreseeable future and we can still be contacted via this route.
I would personally like to thank Donna, Dale, Cara, Kimberley, Vanessa, Chelsea the committee and Shirley who worked so hard to produce costumes for many years. I would also like to thank Adam West, Mark Westbrook and Dan Holt for their support with the stage construction lighting and Audio for so many years.
John Sherrington was the drummer at the Panto for over 30 Years and will never be forgotten. I also thank you for taking part and your energy for so many years.
The safeguarding team under Debbie and Loraine, Cara’s Mum for the tea and coffee, the parents and Charmian for your painting. Over the years we have had some truly talented people.

To all the patrons that enjoyed our shows we thank you for you continued support and can only apologise for not being able to put on future productions at the Chichester Hall.

The monies left in the bank account will go to local charities who supported us for many years and we will be in touch with you soon. There are a number of very good causes locally who would always send a contigent for the Tuesday Charity Night performances.

It is a huge commitment to run a theater company of this size and it has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life and many others to be part of.

If any groups or people would like to start up or continue with the company please do let us know as soon  as possible. There are still people that will help with stage, audio, painting, web and making the tea.